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Electrical across the board

We provide comprehensive electrical services to meet all your needs across the board. From basic install, all the way up to end to end system integration.

General Electrical

Our services cover everything from new installations, general repairs, to routine tests and checks.

Whether it’s adding additional circuits, wiring a newly constructed building, or installing power points, our expertise ensures your electrical setup is safe and suits your requirements.

Maintenance and Servicing 

Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity and reliability of your electrical and BMS systems.

Our comprehensive maintenance solutions are designed to detect potential issues before they become problems, ensuring your operations run smoothly without unexpected downtime.

Complex Troubleshooting & Fault Finding

When electrical issues arise, a fast resolution is critical.

Our team is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and a wealth of experience in identifying and rectifying complex electrical faults, which means minimal disruption to your business.

Hazardous Area Electrical

Specialising in hazardous area installations and maintenance, we bring expertise to environments where standard electrical services are not enough.

Our services ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance in areas prone to explosive atmospheres.

Remedial Works & Upgrades

As your needs evolve, so too should your electrical systems.

Our remedial works and upgrade services ensure your electrical infrastructure is up to scratch with the latest technology, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Energy Managment & Reporting

In today’s world, energy efficiency is not just an environmental responsibility but also a financial strategy.

Our energy management and reporting services provide you with detailed insights into your energy usage, helping you identify opportunities for savings and sustainability.

Through meticulous analysis and strategic implementation, we can help you reduce your energy consumption without compromising on performance.

Industrial Controls and Automation

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of modern automation.

Our industrial controls and automation services integrate your electrical systems with cutting-edge technology, optimizing your processes for productivity and precision.

Whether it’s process control, assembly lines, or automation systems, we have the expertise to bring your operations into the future.

Calibration of instrumentation and monitoring devices

We offer on site sensor calibration services designed to ensure precision and reliability across your process control and automation systems. Whether you’re seeking standard verification or complex custom solutions, our team delivers excellence at every step to maintain optimal performance and compliance.

Calibration of Process Control Sensors

Our sensor calibration services ensure that your temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow sensors operate with unmatched accuracy.

By calibrating sensors against certified standards, we guarantee that your critical measurements are precise, enhancing system reliability, performance and compliance.

Power System Calibrations

We specialise in calibrating power systems, including voltage, current, and power quality metering.

Our calibrations help in maintaining system efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your power distribution is monitored accurately and operates within the required standards.

Data Logging & Monitoring

Accurate data logging and monitoring are pivotal for decision-making and process optimisation.

Our calibration services extend to data loggers and monitors, ensuring that your recorded data reflects true operational conditions, allowing for accurate analysis and system improvements.

Networking services at any level

We provide high end equipment and expertise that is capable of connecting and servicing areas between a single room to thousands of hectares across multiple locations, there is nothing we cannot connect.

Cabled Ethernet Networks

Perform better than wireless networking but can be inconvenient to install.

Each access port can be allocated to a specific virtual network, in order to isolate CCTV from residential access, etc.

Load balance and provide redundancy through multiple physical links.

Wireless End Client Networks

These allow end devices, such as phones and laptops, to connect to the site

Each access point can provide multiple WiFi SSIDs allocated to a specific virtual network, in order to isolate guest devices from operations, etc.

Provide a guest portal for public access and sign on.

Wireless Bridges

These can provide much greater distances of connectivity that cannot easily be achieved with a cable.

Load balance and provide redundancy through multiple wireless links.

Provision of these links allows any IP data to be carried, thus providing a great utility for SCADA and CCTV.

LoRa & LoRaWAN

Super long range low power devices allow provisioning of hardware with minimal or no solar in remote locations.

Sense anything from pressure, temperature and humidity to soil moisture and fluid level.

A single battery can power one of these devices for up to 10 years, depending on data type and rate of reporting.

Connect thousands of devices to a central LoRa gateway over land in up to a 15km radius.


SpaceX super low orbit satellites facilitating high speed and low latency global internet connectivity.

We specialise in integrating Starlink into your existing network to act as a load balanced redundant gateway in conjunction with your existing connection. Or to replace it entirely.

Home Networking

High end home networking.

We offer detailed design of budget to high end home network solutions.

We can provide security checks and offer advice on how to secure your home network.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition integration across most industries

We provide any combination of design, supply and project management including deployment and training across any SCADA integration we undertake. This includes, but is not limited to:

Full SCADA Deployment

This is built entirely around your needs and can be hosted by us in the cloud, in your own cloud services platform or locally on site or at your preferred location.

Remotely connected sites can have an edge server to preserve historical data should the network fail.

All of your assets can become visualised, and their behaviour logged to a central or distributed database.

You can update system parameters and schedules to change the behaviour of your entirely integrated platform.

Easy reporting and notification of any events, alarms, conditions.

Generate scheduled reports to receive data updates.

SCADA Support

YBMIT can provide support on most popular SCADA platforms.

Our systems can integrate with most pre-existing SCADA solutions.

CCTV streaming and capture across any environment or ambient condition

We provide high end equipment and expertise that is capable of monitoring and securing areas between a single room to thousands of hectares across multiple locations, there is nothing we cannot help you view.

Ingress and Egress Monitoring

Capture all events finely tuned to the most specific scenario.

High quality cameras and recorders allowing for high fidelity imagery.

Automatic Network Recovery, if the link between camera and recorder goes down then the camera will continue to record and backfill when the connection is again available.

System can be cloud backed so if the recording hardware or camera is stolen the event capture persists.

Solar and integrated gate control solutions available.


Capture people and animals no matter the conditions, even if they are behind walls or trees.

Can be used for detection of fires up to 10km away.

PTZ options.

License Plate Capture

Capture license plates with a camera specifically tuned to do so.

High detail capture of license plates and vehicle in full frame, with emphasis on license plate details

Typically used in addition to a camera setup for standard events.


Control Pan, Tilt and Zoom from mobile or PC.

These can provide immense detail from a considerable distance from your target, and typically have superior night vision to their fixed counterparts.

Capable of automatically capturing and tracking vehicles and persons, and/or patrolling, etc.

Telemetry and automation of industrial and agricultural processes, building services and ICT systems

We provide any combination of design, supply and project management including installation and training across any combination of automated systems. This includes, but is not limited to:


Land monitoring.

Pump site integration with upstream services.

Tank and dam level integration.

Weather and air quality monitoring.

Irrigation and pivot control.

ICT Systems

Integrate all IP based services, servers, UPS, network and WiFi hardware, etc into a central monitoring solution.

Allocate alerts to personnel for notification of network health issues.

Integrate third party services into a single command dashboard with Single Sign On where possible.

Automate services provisioning by means of docker engine, in swarm mode or using kubernetes.

Automate backend provisioning by means of terraform.

We can deploy an entire cloud services platform from scratch to get you started. This can host everything from your website to a full client services dashboard, CCTV cloud backend or the central monitoring platform.

Building Services

Intelligent building conditions integration with central services.

Variable focus on efficiency with carbon footprint or financial cost as reference, or comfort.

Scheduling and holiday programming.

HVAC control, security and CCTV integrations.

Full services maintenance management.


Processing plant automation and upgrades.

Machine upgrades, including conversion from relay or older control methods.

Custom machine design.

Custom process development.

Remote access to any system in any situation

We provide any combination of design, supply and project management including deployment and training across any remote access solution. This includes, but is not limited to:

General Remote Access

Remote site connectivity via wireless bridge, 4G, satellite or a combination thereof in SD-WAN.

Remote access via SD-WAN of any http service, or any port stream to internal service.

Remote Services Dashboard

Integration of all remote services in a web dashboard.

Additional layers of authentication can be provided.

Self Hosting Design and Web Development

We provide basic to medium complexity web development, typically built upon WordPress and maintainable by the end user, YBMIT or a third party.

Hosting Configuration

If you prefer to build your own site, we can assist in setting up a self hosted or free* cloud platform.

We can provide training on self hosting, and demonstrate how to provision more web services than a simple WordPress site.

Basic Websites

We have years of experience building WordPress sites.

YBMIT have access to several enterprise plugins for WordPress which make building a stylish and functional site easy.

Build on your own hosted platform, or a third party of your choice.

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